What is your productivity problem?

What do you need help remembering?

Will a list do? Or do you need visual aids?

What throws off your day?

What type of email user are you?

For work or personal?

Do you live "in the moment", or are you a long-term planner?

Deep breaths. What's driving you crazy?


This freemium app generates long, unique passcodes for every site and service, then stores them all. You log in with a click or tap. (Or, for iPhone users, a thumbprint.)

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Just link up all your accounts, from cable to credit cards; the free app from Intuit monitors everything 24/7, reminding you of payments due and letting you pay bills right from the app.

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Post-it Plus

Snap a pic of those curling yellow notes covering your work space, then organize them on your iPhone or iPad screen. If they stem from a brainstorm, you can share them with team members—and let them add their own.

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This mobile app offers everything you need in the moment: reminders, traffic updates, pertinent social media posts, and alerts when emails come in from, say, your boss.

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If you don’t have time to deal with an email right away, hit “read later” and choose when you’d like it to return. You can also create meeting invites from an email, introduce two people with links to their social media pages, and see your contacts’ social media posts.

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In addition to showing the full, hourly scope of your day (plus directions and parking info), Tempo dials conference-call passwords and pulls up contacts’ recent tweets and AngelList activity.

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Sometimes you just have to get away. Cubefree, a free app by Citrix, helps you find coworking spaces and cafes around you—with info about Wi-Fi, power outlets, and noise level. It’ll also tell you if colleagues are nearby. (Up to you whether to join them.)

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This app and service offers daily plans for sticking to things like yoga, meditation, exercise—or a customized goal of your own. The site’s community of peers, as well as (for a fee) professional coaches, offers encouragement.

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