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Woman, The Symbol Of Life

Verse I-
K. libr'

Smart men don't say bad things against woman
Before going to the bedroom, they decide it together
A woman is a flower............
Don't hit her even with a flower
Woman is the center of reproduction

You're mistreating your wife in front of your child
And you're asking for change all the time
The world is many countries, a country is many families
When a man hits his woman, it's a problem for a country that's going down
That reproduces only bad seeds
Violence in any sense is against development

Women are lights they are my mother
Thanks to them if we grow
What are you waiting for to give them full assistance
Please don't abuse them

Verse II-

I'm vigilant in everything that has to do with my body
I won't walk alone in dark areas
Don't force me to share in any context
Every one with common sense should protest against sex
If the other person doesn't agree he or she goes the other way
You're wrong if you're thinking on making violence against women that don't have any defense
And more than that, I'm your mother and I'm from your ribs
You shouldn't punch me if you also care for your own body.

Verse III
(Ded Kra-z)

Nobody will agree with the act of violence on any form
Everybody needs support, especially when they don't have good treatment
You need to treat her like you treat yourself
When you protect, you guarantee the kids' life
When you respect woman, you respect life
Beating is not included, this is out of date
Nobody will take that from you when you pretend you're putting things in order

Verse IV

To me she's the prettiest woman in this down world believe me
She's the first one who feels my first heart beat
She's the one who cares the most for me , she has a flawless love
She's working as hard as she can so that I can have a life without hardship
From her womb comes another one who calls me elder or younger brother
This is a word to tell how proud I am
I am ready to do all to satisfy her
She's the one who's spreading the seed of advice in my choice's garden
She's the sign that helps me follow the right path of my success
To my wife my success is what gives me unique respect
She's the black diamond In my strong box
I can't spend a day without seeing her
If I put my hand on her it's just to caress her
I'll never be too tired to tell her that she's the guardian of my life
I love you

Verse V

Woman is the synonym of nature
The family rocks to build societies
The womb that gives life we shouldn't treat her with scorn

Ooh! Ooh!