The Duo Checklist

How to Work as a Pair


THE OTHER'S OPINION "If one of us believes passionately in something, there must be something to it." --Rajaraman

SHARING DUTIES "I'm sometimes a micromanager, but I trust to leave things for him. It helps us move very fast with decisions." --Pripas


OFTEN "May the best idea win. You always have to be in competition if you want to get to the best idea." --Harinarayan

OFTEN "We have similar backgrounds, but we have different thinking processes. He likes organizing; I'm a risk taker." --Steinberg


ACROSS A PARTIAL WALL "We can talk without seeing each other. And a lot of email goes back and forth." --Rajaraman

TWO FEET AWAY "We have one staff meeting per week, but we keep talking throughout the whole day." --Pripas


ALWAYS "We don't hide our disagreements. It's really healthy. You don't want too much group thinking." --Rajaraman

ALWAYS "We almost never go to closed meetings with each other. We have our conversations in public." --Steinberg


WORK WITH FRIENDS "Your first collaboration shouldn't be as co-CEOs. You need shared respect going into it." --Rajaraman

NEVER REST "It's important for each one to push the other. It makes the decisions better." --Pripas